The best deals on Huawei P40 in Canada

Looking for the best deals on Huawei P40? You’ve come to the right place. Finding a good deal on a device you want is not easy. There’s multiple things to consider - upfront payment vs monthly installments, BYOD vs device financing, to 5G or not to 5G and which carrier and data amount to choose. And all this also depends upon which province you live in.

To make this choice easy for you, we have taken a detailed look, not just at the specs, reviews and pro and cons of the Huawei P40 but also at all the deals currently on offer for Huawei P40 in Canada to help you make the most informed decision.


Screen Size: 6.1"
Screen Resolution: 1080 x 2340
Camera: 50MP wide camera, 8MP telephoto camera, 16MP ultrawide camera and 32MP selfie camera
Operating System: Android
RAM memory: 8 GB


Huawei's P40 phone introduces one of the strongest photographic capabilities on the market. Its three cameras on the back allow for studio-like portraits in all kinds of lighting.

Release date

April 7, 2020

The P40 is one of Huawei's latest phones, and provides many impressive specs. It boasts impressive speeds and display with the ability to wield 5G technology. In addition, its sleek design and small corner notch is highly aesthetically pleasing. But above all else, its camera is its most defining feature.

  1. Photo AI: The P40 offers strong AI to remove bystanders and other obstructions in your photographs.
  2. Sensor: The newers Huawei phones are installed with state-of-the-art sensors, resulting in a highly accurate touchscreen experience.

  1. Button placement: Both the power and volume buttons are placed onto the right side of the phone, which may feel awkward or uncomfortable
  2. Vibrate: The P40's vibrate setting is very aggressive, with no built-in setting to tone it down. If you're someone who always likes to have their phone on vibrate, watch out. However, the silver lining is you'll never miss a phone call!