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Network (Stability, coverage, speed, dropped calls…)
Bill (Transparency, clarity, aligned with contract…)
Digital experience (Application and/or website are simple, clear, efficient and useful…)
Onboarding experience (Phone number port-in, activation, delivery, installation…)
Customer Service (Helpful, knowledgeable, able to solve a problem, prompt and courteous…)

Compare the best TracFone Wireless mobile plans in Canada

TracFone Wireless, Inc. is a prepaid wireless service provider. It is owned by Merxico's largest telecommunications comany América Movil, and offers services and products under multiple brands such as TracFone, NET10 Wireless, Total Wireless, Straight Talk, SafeLink Wireless, Telcel América, Simple Mobile and Page Plus Cellular. The company is operating on Verizon's, AT&T's, T-Mobile's, Sprint's and Mobile's US networks.

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